HEARTists are creators of artworks that carry Love and Light.

These mystic Lovers of the Divine Breath create their art in the Secret Place.

Their desire is to spread the Unphathomable Love of a Happy God to a world that is desperate for authenticity.

Many people invest in art without knowing that all artworks are carriers of positive or negative influence. Due to it's psychological, peternatural and spiritual nature, art absorbs the ambiance of it's initial environment, and then releases and imparts what it carries into its future environment. Consequently the atmosphere in homes and businesses can be altered by merely incorporating propitious art. 

The founders of HEARTists, through personal experience and feedback received from clients, have come to understand that Art birthed in the Divine Presence, continue to channel Anointing wherever the work is displayed. 


Our goal is to make anointed art available to those who wish to invest intelligently...


Visit our website (COMING SOON) for more information, or contact us through the quicklinks on this present site.