Lila the


As you have probably noticed, I have many passions... 

After painting, my greatest passion is certainly writing, but it is a jealous passion, wanting you to consecrate all of your attention and energy into your pen/keyboard alone.

The next book, already written and illustrated and just awaiting the final touches, is a funky Afrikaans book for kids, teens and tweens (and most adults... wink-wink nudge-nudge). I have already planned the follow-up and, if  successful, I might translate it into English.

Yet another book, that I have just started with, will be in English and on a more spiritual theme. And then there is the book that I will write about my art-journey...

Sigh... so many things, so little time!

In 2013 I have self-published my first book in South Africa. Written in AfriFrench (Afrikaans with a twist of English and French), it chit-chats about the French lifestyle, as I have experienced it, discussing wines and foods, while also relating my physical and spiritual life-journey in a nutshell. 

While it is still available as an e-book, currently free of charge, it is a kinda "been-there-done-that" thing for me. You see, Lila here always needs a new challenge - I won't dwell on the same explored island for too long!

Consequently, there are a few brand-new book-projects queueing behind my humanitarian work, art exhibitions, website building, translation-projects, homeschooling, hiking, house-cleaning, etc., etc. ... You see what I mean, right?

Click on the bottle to visit the official page of Soos Rooiwyn, my first book, (meaning "like red wine"),  where you can download it, FREE of charge!

Also, feel free to visit my spiritual blog called Food4Thoughts, or the associated Facebook page called The Mustard Tree (click the tree!)