Indeed... I build websites,  I compose,  I sing,  I invent,  I write books,  I  make weird birthday cakes,  I  bricole (build&repair),  I do translations,  I homeschool,  I 'm an artist, and j'aime qui je suis!

Yes,  I love being me! (funky hair and all...!😆), but  I don't mean that in an arrogant way... You see,  I believe that we have been created in God's image, all of us. God, however, is so extraordinairement huge, that one single person can never represent Him wholly. That's why we are all so deliciously différent...!  

One evening, as  I showed my French husband one of my latest creative inventions, he started to chuckle....  (It wasn't exactly the réaction I had expected! 🙄) He explained that he was just thinking that, if somebody should ask him what his wife does for a living, he would have to reply:

 "Tout!" (everything)

(Pssst: different is goooood!😜) 

Some are quiet thinkers, others are exuberant doers, but each one of us is unique and exactly the way we were supposed to be...

This website is meant for your enjoyment and to inspire you. Now go, be inspired and...

be YOU ! 😘